Pricing + Services


These rates are based on the standards set by Editors Canada. My hourly rate is $50. The rates below are approximate and meant to be used as a guideline. They are based on a 250-word page and based on standard text versus difficult or technical text (i.e. academic).


6 pages/hour — I will edit for: grammar, usage, punctuation, spelling and other mechanical errors; check for consistency of facts, cross-references, internal references, citations, footnotes, heads, headings, etc. 


8 pages/hour — I will check edited, formatted (by typesetter) material for minor errors, mechanical errors or deviations from style sheet, etc. 

substantive editing

3 pages/hour — This involves clarifying and/or reorganizing a text for content and structure.

stylistic or line editing 

3 pages/hour — I will clarify meaning, polish language and eliminate jargon. 

developmental editing

This work is quoted by project—I will work with an author to handle a book or project from concept onward, or else from whatever draft/form the project currently exists in. This may involve clarifying inconsistencies in tone, clarifying audience, restructuring or reorganizing material.